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Low Profile & Vehicle Specific Design

We measure the trajectory of the tire spray and calculate the right size for maximum coverage with little to no added drag. Our Carbon Guards also sit higher up the vehicles than most other mud guards and mud flaps on the market, while sitting flush with the chassis to retain total ground clearance for road debris, uneven ground, and speed bumps.

Custom Carbon Fibers Available

Pick between four different kinds of carbon fiber and high gloss, or flat matte finishes to compliment whatever carbon fiber you already have! You can pick any color you'd like so as long as its black.

Self Healing Clear Layer

Every one of our Carbon Guards come coated with XPEL self-healing clear bra for ultimate protection. This coating is stronger and more resilient than traditional automotive clear coats. This means refreshing our Carbon Guards (if ever needed) is easy, quicker, and more cost-effective compared to having a body shop repair or refinish them.

Kevlar Tough Back Side

The back sides of the Carbon Guards are the areas that take the real abuse. To prevent damage to the actual carbon fibers, we coat the back side of every Guard with a Kevlar infused black textured liner. Our Carbon Guards last years without it, and now years longer with it.

Our Simple Design Saves You $

Molded guards damage the paint by rubbing and digging into the paint during temperature fluctuations. They also promote uneven sun fade by hiding a portion of the paint for years. Our 2D Carbon Guard design sit on the very edge of the fender and rear bumper ends so they won't promote uneven fade or dig into the paint. Simple, effective, and made out of carbon fiber!

Made In America

Most importantly, our Carbon Guards are proudly hand made in house, in America.

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Can't find Carbon Guards for a certain model?

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